Tahylor Made

The American apparel brand saw a significant boost in acquisition ROAS while reducing the cost per add-to-cart and establishing Meta as a profitable retargeting channel.

Tahylor Made: Facebook ads case study | Madgicx
Acquisition ROAS
Cost per add-to-cart
Retargeting ROAS (from zero!)

If you’re not sure how to manage your ads, there’s always personal help that can assist you with that. The user interface is very user-friendly, and the AI Marketer is one of the best things ever created. Once you try Madgicx, you will stay.

Tahyisha Taylor
Tahyisha Taylor, Owner, Tahylor Made
Their Story

Outspoken T-shirts for introverts

Tahylor Made Apparel is a brand with a unique goal: to help introverts ignite conversations. To achieve this, it offers T-shirts with bold statements you can’t stay indifferent to. Thyisha Taylor, the owner, focuses on building a relationship with the customer, and she is open to their ideas regarding new shirt designs.

Tahylor Made: Facebook ads case study | Madgicx
Their Goal

Stop money burning and get the revenue flowing

Before Madgicx, Thyisha felt clueless about Meta ads. She spent tons of money without substantial outcomes, and even hiring a media buyer to manage her ads didn’t help. Thyisha decided to give Madgicx a try to see if she could achieve higher revenue and reach a broader audience with her Meta ads.

Their Solution

Focus on the right interests

Thyisha first wanted to get a daily report on her spend, revenue, etc. Hence, she set Madgicx’s automated reports to be sent to her email every night to keep track of her ad account.

But the AI Marketer is what really blew Thyisha’s mind. She was immediately impressed with its ability to generate recommendations that helped her optimize her account.

Thyisha leveraged Madgicx’s interest-targeting capabilities to reach new audiences, and now this is her most profitable audience type for acquisition.

But she didn’t stop at acquisition: Madgicx helped Thyisha establish Meta as a retargeting channel, driving incredible ROAS for this funnel stage after not running any retargeting campaigns at all before starting with Madgicx.

Tahylor Made: Facebook ads case study | Madgicx
Tahylor Made: Facebook ads case study | Madgicx
Their Success

No more wasted spend

Thyisha needed to spend much less on Meta ads with Madgicx, but she saw much better results than before, and it only took a few weeks. Thanks to Madgicx, Thyisha achieved a significant increase in ROAS, sales, number of customers acquired, and revenue, as well as a decrease in her cost per add-to-cart:

  • 28% increase in acquisition ROAS
  • 34% decrease in cost per add-to-cart
  • 2.55 retargeting ROAS (from zero!)

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