This South African skincare brand went from barely making 5 online sales a month to consistently making 100 sales a month when it joined Madgicx.

20x Sales
2.27 Acquisition ROAS
42 Work hours saved monthly

“I can't remember how long the free trial was, but I gave it a shot, and 3 days later, we suddenly had 10 orders in a day. That's when I suddenly noticed, like, wow, okay, this is actually getting somewhere, and I started to take a bit more interest and decided that it was worth committing and going with Madgicx.”

Emma Julie
Co-Founder, Repcillin
Their Story

Crocodile oil-infused skin remedies

Repcillin is a South African-based skincare brand available through its online store and in multiple retail stores nationwide. The father-daughter-founded brand is renowned for its nature-inspired formulations, which incorporate ingredients like crocodile oil, known for its potent healing properties. Their products offer remedies for various skin conditions, including dermatitis, acne, razor bumps, and eczema.

Their Goal

Reach new audiences to boost online sales

Emma, Repcillin’s co-founder, wanted to find the best way to reach new audiences through Facebook and Google ads to expand their customer base and generate online sales.

Their Solution

Maximum audience expansion

Emma was running her own Facebook and Google ads for Repcillin, but unfortunately, they weren't translating into online sales. She suspected that the lack of results might be due to her failure to target the right audiences, which is why Madgicx’s Audience Launcher was the first tool to catch her attention. This tool provides over 100 pre-built audiences that can be launched swiftly and effortlessly in a few clicks. Emma was able to tap into these new, profitable audiences without the need for time-consuming manual setup.

The brand expanded its reach further using the Audience Studio, a powerful tool that combines interests and lookalikes. Using existing data, it helps you identify and target potential customers who align best with your brand.

Emma knew that she needed to do more than reach the right people. Her ad creatives also needed to capture their attention and entice them to purchase. That's why she sought the help of Madgicx’s Creative Insights tool. This tool monitors your ads, identifying top-performing ad creatives, highlighting the ones that have the potential to do even better, and alerting you of budget-draining ones. This ensures your budget is directed toward ads that optimize your ROAS. 

After setting up Creative Insights, Emma was in search of a faster and more efficient solution for managing and optimizing her ads. She found the answer in Madgicx’s Autonomous Budget Optimizer tool. This tool provides 24/7 optimization for Facebook ads. Also, it safeguards her budget by enabling her to set up personalized rules that prevent underperforming ads from depleting her funds, even when she is offline.

“I love that it’s time-saving and organized. Instead of spending hours on Facebook Ads Manager, you can do things in a couple of clicks, and you can have so much control in such a short amount of time,” Emma said in our interview.

Their Success

More time for Repcillin’s growth

Repcillin's consistent revenue has enabled Emma to dedicate herself entirely to the brand's growth, eliminating the need for a second stream of income. With Madgicx and Facebook ads generating 100% of their online sales, Emma no longer needs to run any additional advertisements. This focused approach allows her to channel all efforts toward expanding Repcillin's success.

  • 20x Sales
  • 2.27 Acquisition ROAS 
  • 42 Work hours saved every month

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