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Guess using Madgicx to autonomously manage and optimize Facebook & Google ads.LIOJO using Madgicx to autonomously manage and optimize Facebook & Google ads.

All The KPI's You Need

Unlimited data in a single report. Pull data from Meta, Google Ads, GA4, TikTok & Shopify.

Track Your Ad Business Results in Real Time

Net profit, blended ROAS, MER - no need to wait for monthly reports to monitor these crucial e-com KPIs. One-Click Report shows LIVE figures of your most relevant metrics so you can make important decisions (and take action) right when needed. No more month-end surprises. Even better? You can easily set and track goals in your reports to help you reach your target revenue, ROAS, and more.

Early-Bird Offer $29/mo

Madgicx maps all aspects of a brand's marketing strategy. It gave our company control over its long-term strategy and inspired us to build a funnel with a great ROAS. Amazing results were coming in even after just two weeks of using the software. With the AI components of the software, we build campaigns we would never have thought of before.

Bart L

Madgicx is a great tool for business owners!

Prateek Singh

I'm getting better results with my Facebook ads and it's SO much easier to target new audiences.

Travis Hlavka

No Data Analyst? No Problem

With One-Click Report, you can instantly build reports using the available templates made by top marketers or use a drag-and-drop visual report builder to create one from scratch. No coding or technical knowledge needed. Not to mention, you can also share reports with your teammates (or clients) and duplicate existing ones in a few clicks!

Customize Your Reports As You Wish

From graphs and tables to goal trackers, One-Click Report has all the widgets you need to turn your dream performance dashboard into reality. Organize your data the way you want and customize everything down to each widget's data source and time frame!

Madgicx Customer Stories

Running a successful FB Ads campaign is never easy, especially for an e-commerce. We've been looking for a tool that helps us understand our audiences better, which Ads bring the most ROAS, where should we invest more money and when not to, to avoid "burning the budget". Doing it manually was exhausting, but thanks to Madgicx we were able to save a lot of valuable time and get answers we were looking for. Now we can spend more time on other marketing channels and be sure that FB will mostly run itself.

Adam Jakub Maliński
Performance Marketing Specialist at

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