Deep-Dive into Funnel Stage Analysis

You need to engage with your audiences differently at every stage of the funnel. Let Madgicx’s Smart Filters tell you exactly how.

Deep-Dive into Funnel Stage Analysis | Madgicx Smart Filter
Achieve Creative Success across Devices & Platforms

Achieve Creative Success across Devices & Platforms

Find the most suitable creatives for each channel where you communicate with your customers and further optimize your ads for different placements and devices.

Reach a Level of Analysis You Can Never Get Elsewhere

Discover your best-performing placements, age, gender, and more! Madgicx’s Smart Filter makes in-depth analysis a five-minute job.

I got a sale the first day with Madgicx. Now only three weeks in, I'm up 810% in overall sales. It's really only getting better, and they eliminate the element of chance on your ad spend with all the different test audiences they're able to launch quickly and analyze the results.

Adrienne L

Basically, we just got rid of the digital ads agency, and with Madgicx we are rocking on our own. We are supporting even the brick-n-mortar stores that we have through Madgicx ads.

Burim Krasniqi

“I signed up for Madgicx, clicked a few buttons, and after 2-3 days I already doubled my ROAS. Initially, I thought it might have been just a lucky shot, but after a month we managed to maintain this strong performance and I wasn’t even using the full power of Madgicx."

Ian Allcoat
CEO of Glasses2You

Find the Best Creatives across the Globe

Diversity is one of the most beautiful things in the world, but it’s also challenging for international marketers. With Smart Filter, you can easily learn which creative works in each location and turn this challenge into an advantage.

Find the Best Creatives across the Globe
Tailor Content to Any Persona

Tailor Content to Any Persona

Utilize micro-segmentation for content personalization at scale. Benefit from a business intelligence (BI) tool that can accurately analyze unified account data on the persona level.

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