Unleash the Next Best Ad

With Ad Launcher’s ad copy and creative performance visualization, you can immediately combine the top creatives with the best copies to create the next best ad.

Unleash the Next Best Ad | Madgicx Ad Launcher
Leverage Intelligent Data Unification | Madgicx Ad Launcher

Leverage Intelligent Data Unification

A single source of truth concerning ad performance: Even if an ad is being used in different ad sets and campaigns, our intelligent algorithm identifies it and unifies all the data concerning its performance so that you can see it all clearly in your Ad Launcher.

Turn Existing Content into Powerful Ads in Seconds

Get the power to combine your best-performing creatives and ad copies and merge them into powerful ads in just a few clicks.

I'm getting better results with my Facebook ads and it's SO much easier to target new audiences.

Travis Hlavka

I love the audience and how easy it is to set them up. It solved my problem of which target audience to start targeting.

Norman H

Well laid out making the insights easy to understand helping you choose the best performing textual and image content and then deliver that to a highly relevant audience. The result has seen improved sign-ups and a 25% reduction in cost per sale, no mean feat.

Lewis B

Show the Right Content to the Right People

Pick tailored ads and immediately launch them to specific audiences. Discover hidden metrics that reveal which ad converts best across different age and gender groups, countries, funnel stages, etc.

Show the Right Content to the Right People | Madgicx Ad Launcher

Save Pre-Packaged Ad Clusters

Cut the time needed to launch future ads by saving pre-set adverts for different audiences and platforms. Ads can also be added to the Ad Launcher using an ad or post ID.

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