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We’re building a reality where marketers rely on an autonomous ad-buying platform as an objective partner for cross-channel advertising management.

Madgicx team of marketers with its founder Yahav Hartman.

Our Mission

To accelerate the transition from human- to machine-led ad optimization.

We're building the future of ad management: an autonomous ad-optimization machine that can think and execute like the best performance marketers in the world. The Madgicx platform empowers Ecom businesses by saving time and making their advertising budgets more profitable.

Ads Better
than Humanly

Our Progress


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Fully autonomous
& omnichannel machine

Our Core Values

Forge Ahead

In the online advertising industry, it’s crucial to make a lot of progress quickly. Slow progress is no progress. This is our bread and butter. We must move faster than the ad platforms themselves and deliver the most cutting-edge technology solutions to provide a strong ROI on our platform.

Lead from the Field

We lead from the ground up, not with titles. Our team leaders are not afraid to get their hands dirty to reach their goals. Their teams follow them not because they command them to do so, but rather thanks to their knowledge, experience, and contribution to the team’s success.

Be a Pro in Your Profession

For us, a Pro is someone who lives and breathes their craft. We are passionate about what we do and respect our professions. This is one step ahead of being a bunch of professionals, who just come to work.

Default to Positivity

We think positive-first. Where others see a problem, we see an opportunity. We think of solutions, not issues. Positive thinking makes everything more fun, and when we enjoy what we do, we create incredible products.

Two Steps Are One; One Step Is None

The path toward success is not linear. It always takes longer than you think and requires a greater effort. We acknowledge that drawbacks are unavoidable, so we intentionally aim further than what seems “reasonable.”

Dream Big. Start Small.

Every time we tap into a new area, we ask ourselves how we can make it 10x better than anything we know. However, even though we have a big vision, we always start with smaller milestones and hit them one by one.

Get Things Done and Enjoy the Ride

We celebrate our wins because knowing that we are doing something meaningful fills us up with energy that fuels growth. We are ambitious Madgicxians who love what they do and enjoy the journey while they are at it.

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